Day One

Getting certified. Day one, at the dive shop classroom. Book review and test. I brought Jolly Ranchers and shared. There was a lot of reading, correcting, and talking. 


Day Two and Three

Pool. The first time breathing underwater felt rushed and crazy. I thought, “Ok we are just going to do this” and the rest was a blur! That first time underwater I felt like I was just going to tip over and ‘turtle’ (picture a turtle stuck on it’s back), and I was just trying to stay under. There were lots of skills practiced and then it was time to go. Exhaustion! We slept so well that night! I was just as excited to start again the next day. We started with a 200 yd swim (NOT with any equipment on) and a 10 minute float/tread. After getting our regulators, BCDs, and tanks hooked up it was back underwater! It seemed so much more comfortable and we got to spend a lot more of our day underwater. We finished the day playing catch underwater with another diver. Our pool dives were complete! Then after stuffing our faces at Noodles  and Co. we made our way back to reality, anxiously awaiting our open water dives! 

The Details

  • We worked with Underwater Connection in Menomonee Falls, WI.  
  • We were certified through PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). 
  • Before our in class book review and test, we had to read and complete a workbook with quizzes and watch several videos.  


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