Lodging: Divine or Dive?

Where we stayed:

Our open water certification dives were in South Beloit, IL. We had quite a drive and two days of diving. We chose to drive down on Friday and spend two nights at the Hampton Inn, Janesville.  We were unable to book a room closer to our dive site, we were about 24 minutes away from Pearl Lake. We paid between $120-$130 dollars a night. 

Rating Scale:

1: Dive to 10: Divine

Our rating: 6


Pro: Cleanliness and space

Pro: Continental breakfast, coffee options with fun cups!

Con: Not near dive site

Pros and Cons:

When we decide where to stay we are not planning on being there much. The majority of our days are spent diving.  

The pros included; cleanliness, enough space to hang our dive gear in between dives, and awesome continental breakfast,constant coffee with lots of options.

The cons include; distance from our dive site, not the most budget friendly.